Emmet (Special Edition)

by Emmet

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Emmet's self titled album was their only release. Originally released in 2005, this remastered version cut some of the weaker songs, and reordered the tracks for a more cohesive feel.


released September 30, 2012

Emmet featured Rob Carter on bass, Mark Bardbourne on drums, Evan Tachovsky on lead guitar, and James Pequignot songwriting, singing, and playing rhythm guitar. The album was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Adam Probert. The album has been remastered by James Pequignot.


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Emmet Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Kaleidoscope
I took a drink, I spit it up
I went to the sink
To wash the bitter dreams that clung to the cup
And then i swallowed
I took a breath and then I died
I couldn’t filter all the filth that got inside
And then it multiplied and that’s when I died
Life is a kaleidoscope
It tries to get you high
Life is a kaleidoscope
I built it all, I burned it down
So I could start back from the top
So I can change it when I get back to this part
It wasn’t very smart
Were you there, you said you would be
Did you care, who was I kidding
Track Name: A Little Less Noise
A little less noise please
A little less grinding, roaring, everything
I’m always tired, I always sleep
Buried in time, under my feet
And when i pray, the words that i say
A little less noise
A little less noise please
A couple few sirens, sonars echoing
I never scab, i only bleed
Out of my ears, onto my feet
And when i scream, the words that I mean
A little less noise.
A little less air horn, banshee, hurricane
That shake up the marble that stirs in my brain
That fires all the neurons that make me feel pain
That makes me feel different
When you know I’m the same
A little less noise please
A little less pounding, screaming, suffocate
Track Name: Turpentine
The waters rise and fall covering us all
In a blanket of our tears
And all the wasted days
Pictures that portray memories I can’t shake
A million sparks across the pavement play
Like all the words we’ll never say
A million bulbs one by one they explode
Taking with them all the things we’ll never know
All this paint on a canvas we can’t erase
Old habits we can’t break
Turpentine dissolves
When you want to hide it all
When you want to get away
Flashing colored lights on a perfect screen of white
It’s all so plain to see these pictures never meant a thing
A million reasons why we ever lived a lie
Just to crawl outside this skin
The stars are out tonight a million tiny lights
They never looked so bright
As the twinkle in your eye, a teardrop and "good-bye"
Without a single reason why
Track Name: The Perfect Song for a Plane Crash
Am I awake, have I slept
Don’t remember climbing up into my bed
Am I alive, am I dead
Is there an answer that I would prefer instead
But I’ll take it on the chin
To get it through your head
And I’ve gotten to the point
Where everybody looks the same from here
Is it the truth, how can you tell
It may sound pretty
But then lies sound just as well
Should I stay, should I run
No destination when the journey’s twice as fun
I always thought this would be
The perfect song for a plane crash
Strangely ironic it seems it’s perfect
Is this heaven, is this hell, or is this life
Track Name: Boomerang
When you walk, when you walk into the room
I feel uneasy like i do. I always do
I never asked, asked to feel this way for you
Makes me uneasy like I do, I always do
So leave me naked now and stranded in my skin
Because you won’t let me in
Blowing kisses to a stranger in the window
Cursed to be a boomerang
I’m halfway there and then shot back again
When you see, see what’s gotten into me
You’ll be uneasy like I do, I always do
And if it’s true
I guess you’ve turned transparent too
You’ll feel uneasy like I do, I always do
When you open up this door
And discover what all this was for
Then you’ll understand
But you won’t want to understand
Your insides clench around the middle
Your eyes will twitch, your hands will fiddle
Track Name: Outside Looking In
Deep inside those big blue eyes
I got sucked back in again
She had everything I needed
Hiding underneath her skin
I have found myself before
I will lose myself again
She's got a window on her heart
She don't let nobody in
It’s been a while and I’m getting tired
Of being on the outside looking in
Something in the way she moves
I just can’t turn and walk away
She had everything I needed
Maybe it’s the punishment I crave
I have lost myself before
I will find myself again
Track Name: Falling
I jumped off the top of a fifty story building
I was dead before I hit the ground
The air between the top and the bottom was serene
For a while the world was pretty and
It didn’t make a sound
I jumped off the top of a mammoth office building
I was dead before I climbed the stairs
A walk that took forever and at once no time at all
A moment in the life of an uneven legged chair
I jumped off the top of a concrete ravine
I was dead before I parked the car
An empty pile of flesh living pay check to pay check
A shame the next one always seemed too far
I woke up safe inside my bed, breaking into song
I woke up, I remembered
I let go of the tower made of money blood and glass
I was dead before I learned to breathe.
The colors ran together and
They never looked quite righ
I always hid my face, but wore my anger on my sleeve
I woke up safe inside my bed, breaking into song
I woke up, I remembered falling
Track Name: Please Don't Forget
I guess I’ll be going soon
I’ll be in my room
Waiting to be through
And if I duck this precipice
Don’t hinder your good-bye
I don’t know when or why
Please don’t forget
The little things I said when I’m gone
I hope that you will be okay
If I have to go away
When I get there I will wait
And all the colors fade
In time they will be gone
If life remembers me
It will not be for long
Like leaves on trees and prophecies
And things declared as heresy
I am just a rider and the drive is nearly over
I’m afraid
Don’t be afraid
Please don’t forget

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